‘Petite’ Female Firearms Officers Say The Force Is ‘Malicious’

Civil Nuclear Constabulary



The size of the handle of a weapon has no effect on its performance. This battle has been fought in other police departments decades ago. It is my opinion the executive leadership of this department failed when it allowed an equipment issue to fester to the point it may have lost two good officers. It may be time to take a hard look at the culture of the department.” – Jane Hall


Two ‘petite’ firearms officers who won a sex discrimination case over the size of their big guns have spoken out against the ‘malicious’ police force amid claims they are being ‘starved’ back to work.

Victoria Wheatley and Rachael Giles won their sex discrimination case against the Civil Nuclear Constabulary on the grounds they could not reach the trigger at a hearing in February last year.

But now both women believe their careers are over, a remedy hearing at Central London Employment Tribunal heard today.  Ms Wheatley branded the organisation’s attitude towards her as ‘disgraceful’ while Ms Giles claimed the case had brought her ‘a great deal of stress and anxiety’, adding: ‘They are making me choose between my mental health and paying the bills.’ – READ MORE



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