International Association of Women Police (IAWP) was founded in 1915 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.  In 1962, the IAWP began holding Annual Training Conferences.  Today this growing group of law-enforcement officers works together and strives to:

  • Increase professionalism in police work
  • Further the utilization of women in law enforcement/police service
  • Provide a forum for sharing developments in police administration

You are invited to join and participate in the International Association of Women Police. Read more

Ontario Women in Law Enforcement (OWLE) is an organization that grew from an idea to bring together the female members of the law enforcement field from across the province.

It was recognized that many police services within Ontario are either too small or simply do not employ significant numbers of females to form individual organizations. This forum provides an opportunity for members to network and access professional development opportunities. Recognizing that there exists strength in unity and numbers, Ontario Women in Law Enforcement encourages women from each and every police service, and other affiliated law enforcement agencies within the province of Ontario, to collectively address their common interests and concerns. Read more

The Society of Police Futurist International (PFI) – is a professional, education-focused non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the police profession through the use of foresight.  In a time of rapid change and economic crisis throughout the world, it is critical that members of all professions develop the ability to think and plan wisely for the future. Policing is no different in this regard. PFI provides a professional forum that enables police professionals to explore and develop future possibilities.  Read more

The Public Safety Leadership Consortium – is an international collection of dedicated members all striving together for excellence in the delivery of Leadership Development programming for public safety executives. It includes a variety of highly acclaimed academics, researchers, public safety executives and professional educators from all over the world who are focused on the challenges of leadership development within the public safety realm. Read more

2-13-2013 2-50-34 PMThe UN International Network of Female Police Peacekeepers aims to serve the professional needs and connect current and former female UN Police peacekeepers.

Be a part of a growing network of police and other law enforcement professionals from around the world. Help increase the representation of female police in peace operations across all ranks. Bring female police in the forefront and leadership roles of restoring law and order in the most troubled spots of the world.

Membership is free. Check out for more details

6-12-2013 7-08-58 PM

In today’s dynamic and demanding policing environment, the solutions to the challenges are going to require greater co-operation of all stakeholders, and each one of you will continue to play an increasingly important role in finding the necessary solutions.  Change does force us to do some useful things: re-evaluate, re-think, re-focus and re-brand. In a world that demands constant innovation this may not be a bad thing. 

With a salute to the various members of our Board of Directors, the staff, our colleagues and consultants who have served you in a dedicated and professional manner – learn from yesterday … live for today … change tomorrow.

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