London’s first female police chief looks to revamp the force amid increase in terrorism











When Cressida Dick took over as the head of London’s Metropolitan Police last April, Britain was in the midst of a wave of terrorist attacks and she spent her first day as Commissioner attending the funeral of an officer knifed to death by a terrorist steps from Parliament.

Now after what she called a “ghastly” summer, Ms. Dick said the terrorism threat in London has moved to a higher level and it shows no signs of reversing. “This is not a small spike, this is a shift,” Ms. Dick said during a meeting with foreign journalists on Wednesday. “For us, it is definitely a shift and it translates into greater workloads for our people. … It’s translating for us now into something like a 30-per-cent increase in workload for [terrorism] teams.”

The 57-year-old police chief, who barely met the 5-feet-4-inch height requirement when she became a police officer in 1983, is the first woman to lead the force in its 188-year history. – READ MORE


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