Phoenix Settles With Female Police Officer Who Alleged Gender Discrimination

Phoenix Police badge










Milbourn’s suit, originally filed in January 2016, is focused on the behavior of one specific officer — Sergeant Giogi Chiappo, who was her direct supervisor between 2011 and 2013.

“Although Sgt. Chiappo is a woman, she has publicly and privately stated in the workplace that she is ‘harder on women officers’ in the Phoenix Police Department and that women officers ‘have to prove that they should be in the Department,'” the complaint states.

Milbourn, a former sergeant in the Army National Guard, says that she faced harsher criticism and was given different job duties and less favorable working conditions than her male counterparts.
The city’s Equal Opportunity Department investigated and essentially concluded that Sergeant Chiappo just didn’t like Milbourn very much. – READ MORE



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