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Addressing A Crisis In Leadership: A Report By The RCMP Veteran Women’s Council

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veteran Women’s Council (RCMPVWC) was created on ...


This paper critically discusses the issues relevant to women’s involvement in specialist ...

Historical Journey Of Women In Policing And Police Leadership In New South Wales

    “There was no doubt, they were hoping it would fail, ...
Photograph of woman holding the scales of justice symbol

A Pilot Study of Women in the New South Wales Police Force 1979 to 2008: Have Thirty Years Really Made Any Difference?

  “Both Dr. Susan Robinson and Virginia Arentsen provided a comprehensive document ...


Jane Hall’s story of breaking through that gender barrier to become one of the first female Canadian Mounties. A dedicated and detailed telling of her story in the organization that the Canadian nation upholds as a national symbol, “The Red Wall” is an informed and informative tale of tradition and transformation.

– Midway Book Review

I would like to personally say a huge Thank You for the amazing work you did with our last class, the module was fantastic and our evaluations show it!” – Casandra Fulton-Withrow (Program Coordinator for the Texas Woman’s University – Denton Texas.

– LS Watson

It is always important to remember the value of having a diverse work force and to remember the history of Canadian and American Law Enforcement have evolved over time.” – student at the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas

This class provided a different perspective into an alternative law enforcement system.  This history and the way it was presented offered great insight.  Made me want to learn more about our history.” – student at the Bill Blackwood – Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier Steps Down To Work For The NFL

                  D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier announced Tuesday that she will step down next month to take over as head of security for the National Football League, leaving behind a legacy of community engagement that endeared her from the city’s crime-ridden neighborhoods to the broader national […]

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Adair’s New Cop Makes First Female In Department History

                  Aug. 2 marked a milestone for Adair Police Department and for Cassandra Cookson. Tuesday, the Chelsea native officially became Officer Cookson, accepting her first law enforcement job as the newest patrol officer with Adair PD. She was born in Alaska but grew up in Chelsea before […]

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Laurel’s Highest-Ranking Female Officer Says Goodbye To Police Department After 25 Years

                  Laurel Police Capt. Constance Speake, the city’s highest-ranking female officer, said she has had to work extra hard to prove herself a worthy asset to her law enforcement colleagues over the last 25 years. But, Speake said, her natural competitive and persistent attitude was an aid […]

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Police women will celebrate 75 years in the New Zealand police in a parade in Wellington on Monday

                  When Valerie Redshaw moved to New Zealand from the London police in the 1960s, she was shocked at how antiquated the force’s view of women was. Retired and current female police officers marched to Parliament House on Monday to mark the 75th anniversary of women in […]

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Female Police Officers Save Lives

    “Some thought provoking U.S. States. Some thought provoking comments by Katherine Spillar as well. Well said Katherine.” – Jane Hall     A HUNDRED years ago this week, Georgia Ann Robinson joined the Los Angeles police force, making her, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, the nation’s first African-American policewoman. At first she […]

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Eva O’Connell, 1st female Holyoke police officer to carry gun, work streets as detective, dies

                  Eva M. O’Connell, a retired Holyoke Police Department lieutenant and the first female officer to carry a gun and work the streets, died Tuesday. She was 74. “Eva served the city nobly for decades as a police officer rising to the rank of lieutenant,” City Council […]

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Durham Appoints First Female Chief Officer In Force History

                  A POLICE officer has made history by becoming the first female chief officer in her force’s 177-year history. Chief Superintendent Helen McMillan has been appointed acting assistant chief constable with Durham Constabulary. The 49-year-old is stepping up into the post after Deputy Chief Constable Steve Watson […]

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Police Department Hires First Female Officer

                  SPRINGVILLE—For the first time in nearly 15 years, the Springville Police Department has a female officer. Mindy Jendrowski officially started in the department on July 5, she will be riding along with another officer for about a month, while she gets her bearings in Springville. “I’m […]

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If You Want Less Police Violence, Hire More Female Cops

                  In 1991, after a high-speed chase, four Los Angeles police officers pulled Rodney King, a black man, out of his car, and beat him. In what seems strikingly familiar in 2016, an amateur videographer captured the scene. The next year, in 1992, a mostly white jury […]

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Officers Celebrate 75 Years Of Women In Police

                  Gladys O’Brien used to walk Hamilton’s “mad mile”, knocking on doors to check for vagrants. As Hamilton’s first female police officer, strolling the footpaths of Victoria between Alma and London streets was a daily task. In the late 1950s, with a 6pm bar closing, you could […]

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