Photograph of RCMP Veteran Jane Hall



Welcome to my website.

It is my hope, whether you are interested in the history of women as peace officers, or current articles and discussions on leadership and harassment you will find it here.




In the last one hundred years, some very remarkable social changes have occurred in the policing community, and by extension mainstream society.  These changes didn’t just happen. Visionary women and men fought a slow but effective social revolution for each milestone.  This site will honour some of those visionaries while encouraging new ones to finish the revolution.

Visionaries who will continue the struggle to remove barriers which remain in some agencies; barriers which not only hamper police professionals from achieving their full career potential, but hobble departments from accessing its true pool of leadership talent.

I was fortunate to be part of the first wave of female Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and I did my best to record that in “The Red Wall; a Women in the RCMP”; but the adventures, successes and failures I wrote about, are only a small part of a much larger community, within Canada, North America and the world.

There is a treasure trove of important history in all policing organizations which needs to be captured before memories fail, and pioneers pass on.  This site’s goal is to capture as much as possible before it passes.