Standing Committee On The Status Of Women




I believe it is highly appropriate that the Status of Women’s subcommittee is championing the cause of women in the RCMP. After all, if it wasn’t for the original Royal Commission on the Status of Women’s (1967-1970), women would not have been allowed to break the gender barrier in the RCMP.” – Jane Hall




The November 20, 2012 video of members of the Status of Women subcommittee is a must view for all concerned Canadians wishing to inform themselves on the issue. ( or read the transcript (

Questions have also been raised in parliament about the  relevance of C42 to the issue of harassment.  (

There seems to be no shortage of journalists weighing in on the RCMP’s woes, but few have been as constructive as Carol Goar (–male-leaders-miss-the-point-in-fighting-rcmp-harassment-goar).

In an earlier subcommittee hearing in April 2012 the Honourable Judy Sgro put forward a motion to open up the hearing to past and present RCMP officers. (

I suggest anyone wishing to contribute to the discussion should accept Hon. Sgro’s invitation and contact the clerk of the Status of Women Committee. (–male-leaders-miss-the-point-in-fighting-rcmp-harassment-goar)

 – Guide for the Submission of briefs to a House of Commons Committee (; and

Contact the Standing Committee of The Status Of Women (

I understand that some serving members may not be inclined to take a public stance. It is unfortunate the Independent Commission for Complaints and Oversight of the RCMP (ICCOR) Board recommended in the Brown report of 2007 has not yet been created.  At the moment the only other avenue I have found for federal employees is



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