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Outstanding Video

      “Quebec, Ontario and Toronto Police departments deserve kudos on proactive models to address harassment. Please take the time to view the March 26th Status of Women Committee hearing.”     In my opinion the testimony at March 26th Status of Women subcommittee looking into workplace harassment in the Federal work place was […]

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Status Of Women Committee: Sexual Harassment In The Federal Government – February 12, 2013

“Karen Davis’s testimony is an excellent example of what leadership looks like and why it is central to the discussion on “harassment in the federal workplace”.   The Status of Women Committee should be commended for inviting Karen and providing a platform for her to share her knowledge, ideas, observations and suggestions for effective solutions.  We hope the […]

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Nov. 20, 2012: Committee On The Status Of Women

    Last week, senior RCMP members appeared before the Committee on the Status of Women. You may wish to view the entire Committee meeting and the actions being undertaken by the RCMP to combat sexual harassment.   One key point raised by the RCMP representatives is that the Commissioner will be increasing the percentage […]

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Women’s Rights Struggle In Canada

      The struggle for women’s rights struggle contributed greatly to the changing society in Canada. A tribute the women’s struggle to better our Canadian society is outlined in the two following videos:    

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1967: Royal Commission of the Status of Women

  The Royal Commission on the Status of Women was a Canadian commission to examine the status of women and to make recommendations which should be undertaken by the Canadian federal government to ensure equal opportunities between men and women. Commission commenced work on February 16, 1967 and their chair person was Florence Bird.     The […]

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November 2012: Videos

      We have included three most recent videos which highlight women in policing today:         B.C. Gay Lesbian Mounties Release ‘It Gets Better’ Video –  First Woman Sworn In As RCMP’s Top Cop In Newfoundland (Oct 2012) – (video) The first female assistant commissioner of the RCMP was sworn in […]

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International Police Peace Operations Program

        Bringing Community Policing To The World – Check out the following video on how female police members are contributing to make the world a safer place to live.  

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Bev Busson: Receives Doctorate Degree

  On July 8, 2010, retired RCMP Commissioner Bev Busson receives an honorary Doctorate Degree from the Simon Fraser University. The presentation is included below for your viewing:

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RCMP Hires Female Members

      1974: RCMP Welcomes First Female Officers – (video) – Historical CBC New Coverage – He’s a strong, brave, honest, horseback-riding Canadian in a red tunic who always gets his man.     At least, that’s the clichéd image of a Mountie. But with a history stretching back to 1873, the real Royal Canadian […]

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