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Addressing A Crisis In Leadership: A Report By The RCMP Veteran Women’s Council

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veteran Women’s Council (RCMPVWC) was created on ...


This paper critically discusses the issues relevant to women’s involvement in specialist ...

Historical Journey Of Women In Policing And Police Leadership In New South Wales

    “There was no doubt, they were hoping it would fail, ...
Photograph of woman holding the scales of justice symbol

A Pilot Study of Women in the New South Wales Police Force 1979 to 2008: Have Thirty Years Really Made Any Difference?

  “Both Dr. Susan Robinson and Virginia Arentsen provided a comprehensive document ...


Jane Hall’s story of breaking through that gender barrier to become one of the first female Canadian Mounties. A dedicated and detailed telling of her story in the organization that the Canadian nation upholds as a national symbol, “The Red Wall” is an informed and informative tale of tradition and transformation.

– Midway Book Review

I would like to personally say a huge Thank You for the amazing work you did with our last class, the module was fantastic and our evaluations show it!” – Casandra Fulton-Withrow (Program Coordinator for the Texas Woman’s University – Denton Texas.

– LS Watson

It is always important to remember the value of having a diverse work force and to remember the history of Canadian and American Law Enforcement have evolved over time.” – student at the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas

This class provided a different perspective into an alternative law enforcement system.  This history and the way it was presented offered great insight.  Made me want to learn more about our history.” – student at the Bill Blackwood – Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas.

Tributes paid To Murdered Police Officer Leanne McKie Whose Body Was Found In Manchester Lake

                  Tributes have been paid to an “amazing and beautiful” police detective found murdered in a lake. Officers launched a murder investigation after Leanne McKie, 39, who worked for Greater Manchester Police’s (GMP) sex crimes unit, was found in a lake in Poynton Park, near Manchester, at 3.45am on Friday. The […]

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Former Police Woman Aged 90 Catches Burglars Who Pretended To Be Window Cleaners And Preyed On Elderly

                  A former police woman aged 90 has helped nab two burglars who pretended to be window cleaners. Trailblazing Barbara MacArthur was one of the first female police officers in Wales, joining the force in 1950. She recently turned back the clock when she recognised one of […]

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Female Georgia Police Officer Shot And Killed In Ambush – 2 Suspects In Custody

                    Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd indentified the murdered officer as Det. Kristen Hearne, 29. The injured officer was identified as David Goodrich. Investigators said Ofc. Goodrich was called out to investigate a report of a suspicious vehicle Friday morning. He called Hearne for backup after […]

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Canadian Female Police Band Together To Change ‘Intolerable’ Working Conditions

                  The National Women in Law Enforcement Association, a national advocacy group to support female cops, was granted federal non-profit status last week. Citing an urgent need to address gender-based harassment, discrimination and bullying, a group of current and former police officers has established a national advocacy […]

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Female Police Officer Killed Four Terrorists in Second Attack in Spain

                  A lone female police officer is credited with killing four of the five terrorists in a second attack in Spain, The Mirror reported Friday. In the attack early Friday morning, five men in a car wearing fake explosive belts ran down pedestrians in the seaside town […]

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Four who were Laurel’s first female police officers to be recognized

                  In 1953, five women crossed paths when they were appointed as volunteer crossing guards for the Laurel Police Department. Mary Wesley, Rose Mary Walker, Gladys Allen, Helen “Clara” Tester and Marjorie Hagan went on to assume duties of local law enforcement officers, carrying weapons and with […]

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An African-American female police officer on why more Chicago cops should look like her

                  There are a lot of African-American female officers. However, there should be more. There should be more women on the force, period. I’m from West Englewood, the far south side, near Altgeld Gardens. I grew up on a block where everybody knew everybody, and everybody was […]

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Victoria’s Women In Blue: Meet The Female Police Officers Who Are A Force To Reckon With

                  As numbers of women in Victoria Police grow steadily, officers such as Loren Truter of the Critical Incident Response Unit are showing even recent motherhood need not slow you down. Truter, whose baby is seven months old, is one of two mothers in the Critical Incident […]

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Somers Hires Town’s First Female Police Officer

                  The Town of Somers has hired its first ever female police officer. Officer Shannon Belcher was sworn in on Monday. She has an extensive 25-year career with the Connecticut State Police where she served in Tolland, Danielson and Meriden. She also spent several years working with […]

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Still A Male-Dominated Profession: WA’s Longest Current Serving Policewoman Marks 40 Years

                  As the WA police force marks 100 years since women were allowed to join, the force’s first female mounted police officer is still serving today — without the high heels she started out in. Sergeant Merryn Bojcun joined the force in 1977 with the aim of […]

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