Vic Toews Kills Idea For Civilian Management Of RCMP

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In the first hour of this video, retired Lieutenant Generals, Mike Jeffery and Andrew Leslie, made it clear the key to organizational change is Leadership.




Their one hour testimony outlined a credible, proven, road map which effected cultural change in the Canadian Armed Forces (CF). The CF is, in my opinion, the most similar organization to the RCMP in terms of culture, size, and current issues at hand. 

I was particularly struck by the recognition the presenters gave to the courageous members of the armed forces who spoke out with personal stories abuse, risking further damage to their careers and health.  The testimony was refreshingly candid concerning the resistance within the organization to change, and how they overcame those obstacles. 

The importance of an Independent Oversight Board (something already recommended for the RCMP), made up of diverse individuals, credible to both the past and present rank and file of the organization, as well as the public, was clearly stated.  The final advice offered to the members of the Senate subcommittee on the topic was, the board must be free from political appointments. 

In the second hour, Commissioner Paulson of the RCMP testified. Much has been written in the press about the tone and style of his presentation. I invite you to view the video and form your own conclusions. 

Many of you have asked in your comments on my website, that I express my opinion on the articles I have posted. I have listened, and though it is my intention to provide material for critical thinking individuals to form their own opinions, I realize now, stating mine will only be one more piece of information for consideration. You may have noticed the difference in tone in this comment. 

It is my hope that the RCMP will work closely with the Canadian Armed forces Leadership Institute and the politicians will follow the recommendations of Leslie and Jeffery on the structure of the Civilian Oversight Board recommended in the Brown Report back in 2007.”

OTTAWA —The contrast could not have been sharper. And it wasn’t just the outfits — civvies vs. full dress uniform.

Two retired army generals in civilian clothes came to Parliament this week to tell a senate committee studying harassment in the RCMP that it is damn hard work to change the culture of an organization — especially one where rank and stripes on the arm count for everything.

Once professional values and ethics break down and a bullying culture sets in, it takes years to fix and is a constant work-in-progress, said former Lieut.-Generals Andrew Leslie and Mike Jeffery.  Read more



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