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Half Of Complaints Against RCMP Lead To Discipline, Data Suggests

                  Using RCMP aircraft to poach caribou, leaving a loaded gun at a gas station, sexual offences involving children and not responding to calls for help are among 700 cases over the last five years where the RCMP found its employees had broken its rules or the […]

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Former RCMP Spokesman Sued For Alleged Sexual Assault

      A former civilian member of the RCMP’s B.C. communication division is suing the force and a former top spokesman for alleged sexual assault.       In a claim filed today in B.C. Supreme Court, Atoya Montague alleges Insp. Tim Shields abused his position of authority over her to commit acts of […]

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Vic Toews Kills Idea For Civilian Management Of RCMP

      “In the first hour of this video, retired Lieutenant Generals, Mike Jeffery and Andrew Leslie, made it clear the key to organizational change is Leadership.       Their one hour testimony outlined a credible, proven, road map which effected cultural change in the Canadian Armed Forces (CF). The CF is, in […]

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Ex-Mountie Says She Was ‘Muzzled By Government’

    Former Mountie Krista Carle says the federal government has muzzled her attempt to complain before a parliamentary committee about harassment inside the national police force.         Carle, a 48-year-old Victoria resident, made the claim Friday at a news conference in downtown Victoria alongside MP Randall Garrison. Carle told reporters she […]

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Standing Committee On The Status Of Women

    “I believe it is highly appropriate that the Status of Women’s subcommittee is championing the cause of women in the RCMP. After all, if it wasn’t for the original Royal Commission on the Status of Women’s (1967-1970), women would not have been allowed to break the gender barrier in the RCMP.” – Jane […]

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Sex Harassment Rife In ‘A Man’s World’, According To Human Rights Commission Report

  “This Australian article reminds us that harassment and discrimination is an under reported, serious, global problem. A parasitic problem that flourishes in silence, which is perpetuated by protecting the predators.” – Jane Hall   Women who speak out about sexual harassment at work are more likely to be labelled troublemakers by their colleagues, become ostracized and, in extreme […]

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