The Women In Blue

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Salute to the brave women of Chorepatan fighting crime and stereotypes.” – Jane Hall



A man slowed down his car outside the Chorepatan police station one night, leaned his head out the window and called out to the policewoman on duty. “Want to go with me, you whore?” he shouted, and raced off.

A team of officers pursued and arrested him, and he was jailed for two months for causing a public disturbance.“No one messes with the women police of Chorepatan,” Inspector Sushila Pradhan says. “Everyone around here knows we are tough.”

At a mere 158cm tall, 27-year-old Pradhan stands out in her navy blue Nepal Police uniform. For the past eight months, she has been commanding the station and its staff of 25 female officers.
“I feel proud that I have a chance to lead this group,” the six-year veteran says. “It’s a privilege to be a woman and still get to lead.” Read more



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