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Female Police Officer Speaks Out On Sexual Harassment In The Police Force

                  She knew she’d often be the only woman on her team and she could handle it — she was ‘one of the boys’. It wasn’t until she left the force in 2010 — hyperventilating and in tears after a shocking incident that brought back the years […]

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Edmonton Police Approve Newly Designed Uniform Hijab For Female Officers

          EDMONTON – Edmonton Police Services has designed and approved a new hijab female police officers can wear as part of their uniform. A hijab tailor worked with the police tactics training unit, as well as the police equity, diversity and human rights team, to design a head scarf that covers […]

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High Potential Scheme: Women Now Outnumber Men

      “It is encouraging that women now make up 50% roughly of the UK executive development program. That is exactly what should happen when barriers are removed, however the stats indicate there are probably barriers for non-Caucasian police officers still remaining.” – Jane     December 9, 2013 – by Jack Sommers of […]

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“Another insightful and well cited article furthering the understanding of barriers still faced by female police officers.” – Jane Hall       ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr Susan Robinson is a criminologist, lecturer and researcher with the Charles Sturt University, School of Policing Studies. She has extensive experience working as a practitioner and manager in the public […]

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Women In Police Services In The Europe Union: Facts & Figures

  “Women working at the Research Unit at the Institute for Public Security of Catalonia’s School of Police carried out a comparative study on Gender diversity in police services in the European Union.” Jane Hall   The study is an update of a research carried out by the European Network of Policewomen in 2008. They […]

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Outstanding Video

      “Quebec, Ontario and Toronto Police departments deserve kudos on proactive models to address harassment. Please take the time to view the March 26th Status of Women Committee hearing.”     In my opinion the testimony at March 26th Status of Women subcommittee looking into workplace harassment in the Federal work place was […]

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US Names First Female Secret Service Chief

        “One more milestone.” – Jane Hall         Barack Obama, the US president, has named Julia Pierson as the first female chief of the Secret Service, the elite protection branch which was marred by a prostitution scandal in Colombia last year. Pierson, who most recently served as the agency’s chief of staff, will […]

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Lesbian LAPD officers settle harassment suit for $1.25 million

      “The courts seem to be providing monetary motivation for organizations to ensure a healthy workplace.” – Jane Hall       The Los Angeles City Council approved a $1.25-million payout Wednesday to a lesbian LAPD officer and a lesbian retired officer to settle claims by the women that they were subjected to repeated sexual […]

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Summary Report On Gender Based Harassment and Respectful Workplace Consultations

  “With approval from the RCMP, I have included the “E” Division report on Gender Based Harassment. I applaud D/Commissioner Callen’s courage to ask the tough questions, then followed up with  tangible strategies to not only investigate complaints, but to eliminate barriers which may cause under reporting of complaints.  It is a good beginning.” – Jane […]

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Top Woman Police Officer Wants End To ‘Macho’ Force

    “Speaking out takes courage and leadership. Kudos to Chief Superintendent Irene Curtis for her leadership.” – Jane Hall       The new head of the Police Superintendent’s Association has been challenged over her call for radical changes in police leadership. Irene Curtis, a Lancashire Constabulary Chief Superintendent, has branded the culture of […]

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