Women’s Equality A Global Battleground

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Those who say women in the West should focus on ‘real’ misogyny in the developing world are (often deliberately) missing the point. But there is something you can do to support women elsewhere while fighting the good fight at home, writes Clementine Ford.

There’s been a relentless sh*tstorm of sexism lately and Australia women (and many men too) aren’t happy about it.

More people are becoming aware that Australia doesn’t exist as the utopian model of equality some would have us believe. They’re talking about it, writing about it and protesting it, all of which can only mean one thing – at some point very soon, someone’s going to remind Australian feminists that we don’t know how lucky we have it. If we really care about women, why aren’t we doing anything to help those poor downtrodden lasses who live in Outland, suffering the effects of REAL misogyny?

Oh imperialist faux feminists! Why you always so cray?  Read more



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