Women Move Into Law Enforcement’s Highest Ranks


Women represented nearly 12% of about 700,000 police officers in the U.S., according to data submitted to the FBI in 2011. That number is up only slightly from 11.2% in 2001.” and “D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier, confirmed to that post in 2007, said the few women officers in the ranks and in leadership positions — beyond Washington — is noticeable.” – Jane Hall 


WASHINGTON — Women still are vastly underrepresented at the top ranks of law enforcement.

But not here.

Across the capital’s crowded public safety landscape, women are directing the operations of seven major institutions in federal and local government.

The Drug Enforcement Administration, Secret Service, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, U.S. Park Police, the FBI’s Washington Field Office, U.S. Marshal’s Service and Amtrak Police Department, the far-flung agency that protects the nation’s railroad system, all are headed by women. Read more


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