RCMP: Alleged Harassment

Photograph of RCMP Constable Sarah Cockerill




The reported allegations of sexual harassment within the Force has been disturbing to the general public as well as current and past members of the Force.

Over the past few weeks, the following news articles have appeared in various newspapers across Canada:


RCMP Harassment Claims Tip Of The Iceberg – Sex gets the headlines.  So when Canadians think about harassment at the RCMP, sexual harassment is the first thing that comes to mind, particularly as hundreds of women go to court with a class-action lawsuit against the force.

But the problem goes much deeper than that. When it comes to harassment at the RCMP, sex is only the tip of the iceberg. Harassment at the RCMP rears its head in many other forms: bullying, exclusion, contempt, ridicule, retribution.  READ MORE

High Profile Former Mountie Joins RCMP Harassment Lawsuit – A well-known British Columbian has come forward to join a harassment lawsuit against the RCMP, as hearings to certify it as a class action opened in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver on Thursday morning.

The former head of the Better Business Bureau, Valerie MacLean, says she was a young RCMP constable in Maple Ridge in the late 1970′s when her supervisor, a corporal, liked to ride shotgun in her cruiser on overnight shifts.  READ MORE AND VIEW VIDEOS

Trailblazing Mountie Weights In On Lawsuit – Langley’s Jane Hall, one of the first women in Canada to become an RCMP officer, is standing behind her troop mate Val MacLean, who has joined 200 female Mounties in a class action sexual harassment lawsuit against the force.

“Val came forward for all the right reasons. She is showing her support for this and to take this on takes courage,” said Hall.  READ MORE

Sexism Lawsuit No Surprise to Hall: An Author and Retired Mountie is hoping for more progress for women in the RCMP – Jane Hall loves the RCMP. That’s why the retired Langley Mountie says she supports Valerie MacLean and others who have joined a class action lawsuit over allegations of gender-based discrimination.

Hall, like MacLean, was one of the first generation of women to join the RCMP, shortly after the doors were opened for Canadians of either gender to serve.  READ MORE


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