Shattered Dreams: Addressing Harassment and Systemic Discontent within the RCMP











For the entirety of its history,the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has served Canadians with distinction and honour, both at home and abroad. Whether enforcing domestic laws, operating abroad as peacekeepers and instructors, or appearing in a ceremonial manner, the iconic red serge is a globally recognizedsymbolofCanadaandofCanadianvalues.

The RCMP protects Canadians everyday and provides leadership and security when we need it most. Yet, the RCMP it self must also be a place where its employees feel safe. It has become increasingly evident that harassment reflects a deep and profound cultural problem in the RCMP.  One of the manifestations of  this problem is the post-traumatic stress experienced by many who have experienced harassment.

In the fall of 2011, Cpl. Catherine Galliford came forward and publicly detailed her experiences with harassment in the RCMP. Cpl. Galliford served in the RCMP for over 20 years and was its spokesperson during the Air India and Picton inquiries. Her courageous action to come forward inspired many others to share their own experiences with harassment and bullying. – READ THE COMPLETE REPORT HERE.







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