RCMP Hires Female Members

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1974: RCMP Welcomes First Female Officers – (video) – Historical CBC New Coverage –

He’s a strong, brave, honest, horseback-riding Canadian in a red tunic who always gets his man.



At least, that’s the clichéd image of a Mountie. But with a history stretching back to 1873, the real Royal Canadian Mounted Police have always been more complex than their squeaky-clean, steely stereotype. View the video

Though they can’t wear the navy breeches and high boots yet, 32 women made Mountie history today when they were hired as the first-ever female RCMP constables. At RCMP headquarters in Ottawa, four of the women from “Troop 17” were sworn in before starting training in Regina. After kissing the bible and signing their names, the women smiled as the presiding officer welcomed them to the force and wished them good luck.

Troop 17 - 1974: First female members in the RCMP

Troop 17 – 1974: First female members in the RCMP



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