Plymouth’s First Female Police Officer Celebrates 100th Birthday

Devon and Cornwall Police crest










Eileen Normington celebrating the landmark day with friends who put on a party for her – she also got a surprise visit from current officers at Devon and Cornwall Police who showed up to wish her a happy birthday.

When asked abut how it feels to have reached 100, Eileen, who still lives interdependently at her Mutley home, said: “well, I’m on my way to the next one [birthday] now!”

At age 22, Eileen became the first woman to serve as part of Plymouth police when she volunteered the day after war was declared.
She said: “I heard a message on the wireless which asked women to go to their nearest police station and help out.

“I was a youngster at the time and as you can imagine, everyone was up in arms about the war being declared, but I didn’t think much of it. – READ MORE



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