Number Of Female Police Officers On The Rise

New York Police Department










WASHINGTON, Pa. (AP) — The driver pulls off to the side of the road after catching a glimpse of the red and blue flashing lights in the rearview mirror. As the officer approaches, the driver turns and says, “Sorry, sir,” only to have to apologize after realizing a female officer made the traffic stop.

It is no longer unusual to find a woman’s name on the roster of police departments in Washington County, in what is a male-dominated profession. The women here who carry a badge are among the growing number of females who are police officers. FBI statistics for 2013 show in communities with a population of fewer than 10,000, female officers make up about 21 percent of the police force. A study by the Bureau of Justice had the percentage of female officers ranging from about six to eight percent, depending on the size of the force.

An encounter with a female officer would not be unusual for anyone in the northwestern area of the county. Amanda Brewer is a full-time officer in Mt. Pleasant Township and works part time in Hanover Township. Maria Cuccaro and Kelly Davis work part time, Cuccaro with Mt. Pleasant and Davis in Smith Township. The three, who are also friends, work for Hanover during the concert season at KeyBank Pavilion. – READ MORE


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