New San Diego Police Chief Will Have To Retire In 4 Years











SAN DIEGO — A complicating factor was revealed Thursday in Mayor-elect Kevin Faulconer‘s nomination of Assistant Chief Shelley Zimmerman to become the first woman in Police Department history to be chief.

Zimmerman, 54, a 31-year veteran of the department, signed a pension plan in 2013 that will require her to retire by March 1, 2018. The agreement is binding and cannot be ended.

Nothing was mentioned Wednesday by Faulconer that  Zimmerman’s tenure could not be longer than four years. News that Zimmerman had signed on for the controversial pension program was revealed by the San Diego Reader.

Faulconer’s nomination of Zimmerman to succeed Chief Bill Lansdowne is set to be considered Tuesday by the City Council. The nomination needs five votes to be approved. Read more


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