New Book: No Easy Ride: Reflections Of My Life In The RCMP






A book worth the read.” – Jane Hall.





Veteran Ian Parsons has documented his life in the Force.  Since the book has been published, he has received several book reviews:

From beginning to end, I could feel the author’s humour, compassion and grave concerns for the future of Canada’s R. C. M. Police force. They were and still are the best in the world & peace keepers in many countries, regardless of the folly that has taken place with some of today’s members. Have times changed so drastically that the criminals are made to look like the victims and the police officers like the bad guys?? Are there problems with training in Depot, in the field? There are tough questions and roads ahead for this force and hopefully, there are answers before they fall in disgrace. I hope the public doesn’t rate the many by the few! I will always love and respect the Royal Canadian Mounted Police! The future is indeed “No Easy Ride!” (Extract from

A book that made me laugh, a book that brought tears and a book that should be read by EVERY member of the RCMP. Ian Parsons has great insight into the force, where it has been and where it is headed. I am starting to read it again. One of the best “police” books I have ever read, well it is the best police book I have ever read ……… Allan Prout  (Extract from

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