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Another Bus Gang Rape Reported In India

      “The front line of the next Women’s Movement is hopefully forming in India. This is a global issue  we all need to champion. Until all women all are safe, no women are safe.  ” – Jane Hall       NEW DELHIPolice said Sunday they have arrested six suspects in another gang […]

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Delhi Plans To Hire 2,508 New Police Women, As Backlash From Gang Rape Continues In capital cityJanuary 2013: Police Women In The News

    “India finally hit a tipping point on violence against women. Hiring more female police officers is only the first step” – Jane Hall     Government states that it hopes female police officers will make up 33 percent of total police force, and asks other states to replicate the move. Delhi’s police force […]

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Sex Harassment Rife In ‘A Man’s World’, According To Human Rights Commission Report

  “This Australian article reminds us that harassment and discrimination is an under reported, serious, global problem. A parasitic problem that flourishes in silence, which is perpetuated by protecting the predators.” – Jane Hall   Women who speak out about sexual harassment at work are more likely to be labelled troublemakers by their colleagues, become ostracized and, in extreme […]

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Nov. 2012: RCMP Female Continue Their Fight

      Over the month of November 2012, the newspapers and internet have published articles on the struggle facing female RCMP members in the past and currently. I have provided below some of the most notable news stories.     RCMP Issues Latest Denial In Services of Harassment Of Lawsuit – VANCOUVER – The RCMP […]

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Dec. 2012: News Stories

      During the month of December 2012, the following news stories were published relating to female police officers in Canada. These articles are below for your review:       Members of the House Standing Committee on the Status of Women are getting a “sanitized version” of how the RCMP deals with claims […]

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Nov. 2012: News Stories

      For the month of November 2012, there have been many news stories highlighting female police officers. We have selected below some of these stories:       Top Cop Blazing A Trail With Sask. RCMP – It’s an office where the ceremonial sword of a top-level Mountie finds a home with a […]

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November Updates: Problems in the RCMP

      For the month of November 2012, there have been many news reports about harassment issues contained within the RCMP. We have include below some of these most notable stories:     B.C. Mountie Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations – VANCOUVER – A B.C. RCMP officer accused of harassment by a fellow Mountie is […]

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Oct. 2012: News Stories

      For the month of October, I have included some of the most noteable stories about female police officers. These stories are below for your reading pleasure:       Female Police Officer Sues College For Racial And Gender Discrimination – MARSHALL – Claiming she was a victim of racial and sexual discriminatory […]

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Sept. 2012: News Stories

          For this webpage, I have included some of the noteable news stories about female officers.   These stories are provided for your reading pleasure.     Police Looking For More Female Recruits – Peel Regional Police are partnering with five other police services in an attempt to recruit more women […]

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RCMP: Alleged Harassment

      The reported allegations of sexual harassment within the Force has been disturbing to the general public as well as current and past members of the Force. Over the past few weeks, the following news articles have appeared in various newspapers across Canada:   RCMP Harassment Claims Tip Of The Iceberg – Sex gets […]

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