Sex Harassment Rife In ‘A Man’s World’, According To Human Rights Commission Report

1-8-2013 1-20-32 PM


“This Australian article reminds us that harassment and discrimination is an under reported, serious, global problem. A parasitic problem that flourishes in silence, which is perpetuated by protecting the predators.” – Jane Hall


Women who speak out about sexual harassment at work are more likely to be labelled troublemakers by their colleagues, become ostracized and, in extreme cases, even demoted.

And the number of women who suffer harassment and make an official complaint has fallen as a result.

The report, commissioned by the Human Rights Commission, found the number of victims who suffer in the workplace after they complain has jumped from 16 per cent to 29 per cent since 2003.

Four out of five victims of sexual harassment are women and those aged under 40 are the most likely targets.

The report found that while more than one in five are now subjected to harassment only 20 per cent make a formal complaint and the number of women who confront their harasser has also fallen.  Read more


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